imagesVikara Yoga Academy is an accredited Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance; the largest International governing body of Yoga Teachers and Yoga Schools.   Upon completion of the initial 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program, trainees will receive a certificate of completion and be eligible to register as a 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) with the Yoga Alliance.

Our 200 RYT program is unique because of our dedication to our trainees to ensure quality instruction, integral teaching and our devotion to embody the teachings of yoga personally to be able to extend the offering to others.

Our course is rich in yoga history and philosophy combining many of its ancient traditions.  The triadic relationship between body, mind and spirit is also beautifully intertwined with the triadic practices of yoga.   Our daily breath of pranayama and  ritualistic kriyas to the subtle more energetic practices as in the chakras and layers of the koshas evolving to our physical practice of yoga asana.

Over the course of the 200 hours, our syllabus is as follows:

Critical Alignment & Anatomy (20 hours)

During the 20 hours with Heidi Mason, Physiotherapist and Yoga Teacher, you’ll learn the fundamentals to body movement and body mechanics.  You’ll understand the the layers of the body from bones – ligaments – muscles – to movement.  Planes of motion and it’s importance when teaching yoga asana. The SPINE!  Components of our spine and what we mean by neutral spine.  Common injuries.  How can we avoid over-injury and how can we modify postures to suit the needs of such injuries.  Most importantly, you’ll learn from an anatomical perspective, what muscles are contracting and which should be relaxing and what the purpose of each posture is, exactly 🙂

History & Philosophy (30 hours)

During this in-depth and often times, introspective component to the teacher training, you’ll be joined by Jaya Amy, our wizardly wise poet.  Breaking down all aspects of yoga, it’s origin, the development of the Yoga Sutras and overview of the Upanishads.  The relevance of the Upanishads for the modern practitioner and introduce the idea or inquiry into into what happens when we place Yoga into mainstream society.

From learning concepts of Dharma and understanding renunciation as it’s relevance to teaching and practicing yoga to the ‘aim’ of yoga and our understanding of Atman.  All will be unveiled as you dig to the depths of your Self.

Meditation (10 hours)

Calming the fluctuations of the mind.  Learning to be still and silent in a outwardly environment plaques most practitioners of meditation.  Join Jaya Amy, our meditation Miss’es through weekly guided meditations.  Learn and understand the definition of Meditation to the neuro-chemical and physiological occurrences in the mind/body.  Trainees will obtain comprehensive understanding of the different components of the mind and the Five common aggregates.  Understanding the different types and forms of meditation with hands on teaching and practice in class.

Mantras/Mudras (5 hours)

Jaya Amy, or wizardly wise expert is one of many talents.  Her enchanting voice is something to be heard so it’s with pleasure that she leads the mantras.  Learn the definition of a mantra, the uses of and the stages of chanting.  The important of invocations and the recitation of mantras as a group.  Mixed with the power of verse and song is the power and intention behind mudras.  Incorporating mudras into a meditation, pranayama or asana practice has many benefits.  Learn the purpose of several mudras and how they can enhance your practice as whole.

Subtle Energy & Practices (5 hours)

An introduction of subtle energy and the concept of charkas and energy centres.  Along with Jaya Amy, students will be able to identify with seven major chakras – the physical imbalance and balance of each as well as the emotional imbalance and balance of each.  Ways of addressing imbalances and exploration with the use of writing and reflecting.  Understanding the Koshas and how to cultivate this awareness in your daily life.

Pranayama & Prana Vayus (10 hours)

If you did not breathe you would cease to exist.  The fourth limb on our eight-fold practice is that of our breath.  Join Clare Newman in 10 hours of pranayama practice learning several types of pranayama, their benefits and precautions as well as how to properly guide beginners through the art of breathing.  With this understanding comes the teaching of the prana vayus or changes in our breathing patterns.  Iyengar use to say that controlling the breath is like taming a wild horse.  It takes practice and patience.

Yoga Asana (80 hours)

Learn over 90 yoga asana (postures) by uncovering the layers of each using 4 components:  1) Alignment principles 2) Modification 3) Benefits 4) Precautions.  During the course of the 80 hours, postures are practiced and stripped down to the mechanics, building the progress of the physical practice of yoga from the inside – out.  Clare Newman takes great pride in being able to teach every student a yoga posture, despite having an injury or an ailment by the use of understanding the anatomical and composition of the body as well, being able to offer modifications to achieve postures.  Each yoga asana has it’s own benefits but as well, some precautions.  The intention of this portion of the program is to teach trainees to watch their students and to cue and teach according to the needs of their student vs a text book case of what a posture looks like.  Much discovery is to be learned but oh, so much fun!

Ayurveda (10 hours)

The concept of the “Science of Life” dates back thousands of years.  Join Clare Newman in learning the basics of Ayurveda.  What is Ayurveda, it’s rich history, the three doshas and gunas, prakrit, the 5 basic elements and how it relates to Ayurveda, the digestive fire, the 6 basic tastes, rasa and the emotions and a general food guide on pacifying foods and herbs for each dosha.

Teaching Methodology (20 hours)

Throughout the teacher training program, Clare Newman encourages practice teaching and guidance when learning postures.  She’s been known to have many fun and challenging ways to enhance the specific of teachers cueing and the awareness of using certain words and well as the power of intention.  Proper class sequencing to ensure a well balanced class is emphasized at the end of the training and many hours of hands-on teaching and feedback is given.

Practicum (10 hours)

The practicum component will be discussed the first day of training.  The final test at the end of the program is to teach a 1 hour class (style of the trainees choosing) FREE to the public and observed by either Jaya Amy or Clare Newman in order to receive the certificate of completion.

Please email if you have any further questions or need clarification on the syllabus above.