IT’S BACK!!  Each year during our New Year – 6 month Yoga Teacher Training course we offer one lucky winner the chance for a FREE scholarship!

It could be you or perhaps you would like to enrol someone whom you think embodies an imperfect, human form 🙂

We are powerfully grateful to have the teachings of yoga in our lives and wish to share this gratitude to someone who may otherwise be unable to at this time. May the Lions Roar be heard by All.

How to apply: (Please only apply for scholorship if you cannot otherwise afford to attend)

1). Fill out our online registration form.

2). Complete your enrolment by paying the training deposit to secure your spot in the training as space is limited. If you win, we return your deposit. If you do not have the financial means to pay the deposit, see Step 3 🙂

3). Write a 1000 word essay on everything that is YOU! How you came to find the teachings of yoga and what yoga means to YOU! Please be as open and honest in these writings.

4). Send all entries to All submission must be entered before December 15, 2016 for the training in January 2016!