Vikara means ‘transformation’ in Sanskrit . Teacher trainings have the tendency to invoke change, growth and radical self acceptance. The journey into self-discovery is a powerful one and we are humbly honoured to share in this path as friends in exploration.

Two worlds collided to create Vikara Yoga Academy; one with mysticism and beauty and the other with precision and grace.  These worlds came together to create a program that was unlike any other currently offered in Edmonton and surrounding areas.  Jaya Amy, a beloved teacher known for her poetic teachings and capacity to draw strength from people thundered into Clare Newman, a well-known teacher trainer, known for her sense of humour and abundant  knowledge of the human form.

Together, while watching their children in pure reckless abandon play in the grass on a hot sunny day,  they made an oblation to create a teacher training program combining their differences and their passions and called it Vikara.  They took an oath to embark on a voyage together to gather kindred spirits to follow a quest for deeper understanding and deeper knowledge.  Both teachers known for their traditional teachings and firey spirits aimed to teach with authenticity.

We are delighted about this creation and look forward to sharing in the experience and transformation with our trainees.

Vikara Yoga Academy takes great pride in offering a program with on-going mentorship during the program and beyond.  Our training differs from others because we offer a wide variety of styles of yoga to teach and to learn.  From Hatha, Flow, Restorative, Yin, Kid’s to Pre & PostNatal Yoga, our graduates will be able to teach with confidence a variety of skilled styles and yoga classes.

At Vikara we are devoted to ensuring quality and integral programs. We limit our yoga teacher trainings to a maximum of 15 trainees per training in order to maintain the essence of the material described as well as to wholeheartedly facilitate the growth of each trainee during the duration of the course and beyond.

The qualifications and pre-requisites for enrolment include a previous yoga practice of a minimum 2 years with a qualified instructor or mentor.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at